Public buses, being a major part of public transportation systems, are the lifeblood of cities, fulfilling an important role in sustaining populous cities. Factors such as increased threats to safety and operational inefficiency, however, are straining the capabilities of bus service operators to optimally manage their fleets and ensure the safety of their passengers. Dahua Technology offers a public bus solution designed to address the unique requirements of this industry.

Solution Overview

Solution Details

Speed Alert

Fare Fraud

Fleet Tracking

Alarm System and Crash Detection

Cost Effective Network Transfer

Key Technology

Anti Vibration

When the vehicle is running on the road, the onboard shock and vibration are the main causes of HDD damage and video footage loss. Dahua mobile devices comply with ISO 16750-3 and EN50155 to protect the system from electrical surge and vibration.

Power-off Protection

  • Super-capacitor is applied to achieve smooth swith off in case of sudden system power down thus to avoid data loss and extend thehard disk lifespan.
  • It keeps working about 5 sec after power off.
  • Dahua devices have already passed standards ISO7637-2.
  • Wide voltage input 6-36V.

Temperature Protection

Working temperature: -30°C (heater optional) ~ +60°C to cater extreme working conditions inside the vehicle.

Water and Dust Resistant

Dahua offers the cameras corresponding to water and dust resistant, with IP6K9K-rating.

G Sensor

Built-in G-sensor inside can help users to detect the vehicle turnover and collision immediately.

Smart Scene Adaptive

Dahua unique image processing technology makes the camera to suit different light conditions automatically .


  • The WDR function is extremely useful in vehicle doors and spaces near windows to get clear enough images.
  • Up to 120dB Wide Dynamic Range to capture a optimized image quality even in high contrast sunshine environment