The rapid growth of globalization and emergence of new innovations in supply chain management have set the stage for modern, large-scale seaports to play an even more important role in trade and logistics. Ensuring seaport security and smooth operations are two critical challenges which have gained the attention of local governments and seaport management authorities.

Dahua has utilized its experience and expertise in the security industry to provide an intelligent and secure seaport solution. Cutting-edge technologies, such as 4K resolution, panoramic cameras, thermal detection, anti-corrosion & explosion-proof housings, etc., provide more detail with better reliability. Container Number / Face / License Plate Recognition capabilities increase speed and work efficiency.

Solution Overview

Solution Details


Shipping Lane





Control Room

Key Technology

4K Resolution

Provides 4 times the details of 1080p in the same scenario

Panorama Mode

One camera with a 180 degree field of view seamlessly covers shipping lanes like never before

Optical Defog

Advanced optical defog with IR filter can remove 98% of fog, allowing you to see clearly

Thermal Detection

Better night effect and contrast effect for shipping line cargo area and perimeter

License Plate Recognition

Recognize and record license plates and unauthorized actions. Blacklist alarm notifies command center if blacklisted plate is detected

Face Recognition

Face recording, blacklist alarm, and facial searches make it easy to keep track of personnel

E- Map Display

Smart tools provide an easy to use and intuitive visual experience

Container Recognition

Recognize and record container numbers automatically and easily manage container data


High definition, low latency image paired with high scalability presents cost-effective system

Intelligent Operation & Maintenance

Find malfunctioning devices instantly

Solution Features

  • Unified management: Centralized management of vehicles, containers, and personnel
  • High definition: 4K
  • Adaptive camera: Anti- corrosion, explosion-proof, panorama, thermal camera
  • High integration: All-in-one, M series for display
  • Intelligent functions: License Plate Recognition, Face Recognition, Container Number Recognition, perimeter intrusion alarm, intelligent behavior analysis, etc.
  • Easy to upgrade: HDCVI technology is cost-effective and easy to install
  • High storage reliability: Local SD card storage, RAID technology, N+M solution, and hot spare
  • High system efficiency: E-map, self-diagnosis

System Structure